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  • Mini Bedini 4.0

    Mini Bedini 4.0

    to € 339,-

  • Schoolgirl Motor

    Schoolgirl Motor

    to € 119,-

  • Mini Bedini 1.6


    Bedini 1.6

    to € 62,-

  • Mini Bedini 3.0


    Bedini 2.5

    to € 249,-

  • shipment

    The European shipping is done through the Austrian Post as a package with tracking.

  • Skype

    We can also be reached via Skype. name: "thomas_aus_horn"

    Facebook: "Thomas Autark Ladegeräte"

  • payment

    Either by payment to our bank account or by

    Cash on pickup.


All from one hand!

All our products are designed, tested and manufactured in our workshops. Each of our products undergoes an additional several hours testing program prior to shipping. We offer a new product only for sale to if we are 100% convinced of its function, utility and durability. We do not "disposable products" that after the expiry of the warranty are inoperative. We are still on the "old" way. :-)